Planting a Vegetable Garden


I’d love to plant a vegetable garden this Spring.  It would be nice to have a hobby, to be self sufficient and not have to spend as much money at the grocery.  Plus I’d get to eat and share organically grown food that I nurtured and cultivated myself!

But then I worry about all the birds, mice, rabbits, squirrels and bugs that would try to eat all the herbs and vegetables I planted and destroy everything I worked so hard on.  I’d probably be a nervous wreck, constantly staring out the window at all hours of the day and night and always having to run outside like some sort of crazy person to chase critters away.

I’ve heard some of them don’t even run away when you walk right up to them and I imagine I’d have to do some pretty drastic things to protect my garden.  Probably have to spend hundreds of dollars on traps, poisons and bb gun bullets.  And even then, they’d probably still do lots of damage and leave teeth marks on everything.

I wonder if it could be just as rewarding to plant one big patch of that iceberg lettuce nobody eats anymore to use as bait and see if I have any talent for taxidermy.

Rick’s Custom Squirrels

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