The Definitive Truth About Global Warming


Don’t fret about Global Warming.  I figured out why the temperature is changing everywhere and actually it’s a good thing. It’s because as a people we’re evolving spiritually and becoming more tolerant of other climates.

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4 thoughts on “The Definitive Truth About Global Warming”

  1. Why aren’t the people of the Sahel becoming more tolerant of their climate? I suspect it’s because it’s way too hot to support life and not due to a lack of spirituality.

    I’m in the UK and don’t look forward to freezing winters once the Gulf Stream stops!

    We’re having more and more floods here, particularly in the west. Hundreds were forced out of their homes over Christmas. Thankfully I’m in the east and not on a flood plain, but it’s only a matter of time.

    In the early 90s Tony Blair stated that the UK would drop it’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2000, which caused me to laugh as I knew back then that our emissions will never decrease. 20 years later and every nation’s output of greenhouse gas emissions has increased. And if the UK dropped emissions by 100% overnight, in 2 weeks time the extra emissions from China, India and other nations would neutralise the gain.

    Are you aware of “global dimming”? If not it’s worth checking the net for. But in a nutshell our lower atmospheric pollution is shielding the extra heating up caused by our higher atmospheric pollution. So if that clears up we’ll have faster global warming. The US government have even considered deliberately polluting the lower atmosphere, but that would only cause acid rain and make things worse.

    I’ll try to post a couple of links.

    1. Thanks very much for your comments and link on the BBC doc regarding Global Dimming. I agree this is a critical issue for all of us and the planet and the fact that we can’t even reach consensus within the scientific community let alone individual nations that this problem in not a cyclical, natural process but one that is man made is distressing to say the least.

  2. In the above I wrote: “In the early 90s Tony Blair stated that the UK would drop it’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2000”
    It should have been: “In the early 90s Tony Blair stated that the UK would drop it’s greenhouse gas emissions BY 10% by 2000”. Instead it’s increased year by year.

    As regards there not being a scientific consensus, as was shown on/in Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” documentary movie, tour & book, there has never been a scientific study that has gone against man-made global warming. As regards global dimming, the above documentary shows that it’s been known by a few isolated scientists for years. It’s only relatively recently that they’ve discovered each others work. But whether all of the scientists are wrong or not, one thing is for sure: we – the peoples of the Beautiful Earth – are never going to stop it! But it’s our children and their children who will suffer the consequences.

    But we are not – as many have said – endangering the planet. Whatever mess our species makes, the planet will recover from in time. We’re endangering our own civilisation and existence. I’m always amazed and even in nonplussed awe of the fact that it’s only our ‘intelligent’ species that that lives totally out of harmony with what I call Great Nature. I always recall V’ger’s definition of humans in ‘Star Trek: the Motion Picture’: “carbon-based infestation”. Sadly our species is purely parasitical. But as said, we’re only endangering ourselves.

    What to do? Be true to your self; and make the world a better place where you are! “What the world needs now is love, love, love.”

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