The White Light People See When They Die

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I think the white light that people see when they die is a real thing because if I were God, I’d want to get a good look at whoever was on their way up before it was too late and that’s probably why some people “die” and come back to Earth again.

God gets a good look at them, and maybe they seem a little squirrelly or high maintenance or maybe they’re talking up a blue streak, asking all sorts of ridiculous questions or making demands and that few seconds in the light allows Him to make a quick judgement call and tell one of his guys, “Not today, with that one,’ so He can avoid unnecessary stress and headaches.  To me, it’s completely plausible.  If I were Him, I’d do the exact same thing.

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2 thoughts on “The White Light People See When They Die”

  1. Ha! It’s almost like he is sorting out the “high maintainence” folks because it’s too much effort to deal with their drama! Good strategy!

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