Sure Fire Tips for Authors. Here’s Ten.

marion post wolcott, author interview, funny photo, funny pictureReporting back again from the whirlwind virtual publicity tour for my book, “The Barber’s Conundrum and Other Stories“, sponsored by the good people at  Orangeberry Book Tours.   These virtual tours are grueling, particularly with all the rain we’ve been having.  Not that you go outside.  It’s all done on the computer, still I get a little depressed when it rains.

Anyway, I was asked to write a guest post for the blog, Author’s Friend, and the topic was 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author I Didn’t Know Before and it went live today.  Thank God they made me stop at ten; I could have written a book on the subject.  HEY!

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3 thoughts on “Sure Fire Tips for Authors. Here’s Ten.”

    1. Hi Dane, First, thanks for taking the time to read the post and leaving comment. I’m not a huge fan of Twitter. I use it. I like the challenge of writing jokes with less than 140 characters but some web savvy guy told me it’s only purpose now is to “stoke” search engines by including links in each post so your blogs, websites, products, etc. will show up in search results…

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