President Obama’s Speech to Congress

I watched the President’s speech to Congress last night and seeing those knuckleheads hooting and whistling, standing up and sitting down every 16 seconds or staring stoned faced into space… the whole thing seemed very Little Rascalsesque. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Pass this Bill!” It wouldn’t have surprised me for a second if at some point during the speech, President Obama whipped out a trash can lid to ward off a volley of peas shot from a straw in Mitch O’Connell’s mouth.

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One thought on “President Obama’s Speech to Congress”

  1. Mitch might have been tempted, but most of the Republicans were convulsed in laughter and had the giggles during the speech. Pretty sure they will pass the bill as soon as it shows up. So far nobody seen the darn thing.

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