My Interview with Blog Catalog: Read it and sleep.


Angie Alaniz, the head of Blog Catalog, a community of bloggers — of which I am a proud member, interviewed me a few days ago and asked me to talk about my writing, comedy influences and experiences publishing my book and working on The Monkey Bellhop.   It was a very cathartic experience for me mainly because I always wanted to use the word cathartic in a sentence and now have done it twice which kind of makes me an expert on the term so I feel I’m ready to move on to other words.  Maybe serendipitous or altoid.  That just might be a mint and not a real word.  If you know for sure, text me.  My number’s in the internet.

Without further ado, I present to you the link to the interview.   It’s right here.  If you’re reading this you went too far ahead and will need to back up at least 19 words.  Could be more.  In addition to vocabulary words, math was never a real bright spot for me either.

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