Angelina Jolie and Louis Vuitton Rock Our World

I almost forgot about this, it was on my list of things to complain about. A print ad campaign for Louis Vuitton. Bono and the Mrs. getting off a Cessna in the middle of some African savannah booked to do a concert I imagine, for a zebra that won a “What Bono Means to Our Waterhole” essay and 10 of the zebra’s closest friends. What could they possibly be looking at? Mrs. Bono: “It’s grass as far as the eye can see.” Bono: “Aah. This way as well.”

Here’s another one, this time with the actress, Angeline Jolie.

Ms. Jolie looks kind of forlorn in the photo, sad yet resigned to whatever fate has in store. I like to think she finds herself in this leaky rowboat because her Range Rover sunk, but that’s really nothing more than speculation. She could just be waiting for the guy to get back with her Zebco fishing rod and a bucket of worms.

I also wondered how Angelina got into the boat without getting any mud on her feet. It looks like mud and water everywhere, doesn’t it? But then I realize it must have been Bono himself, lowering Angelina Jolie into the dinghy with a rope attached to the landing gear of his Cessna before banking hard into the twilight sky and setting the coordinates for “Zebra Essay Gig”, Heart of Africa!

I’ll tell you, I’d run out and buy one of those Louis Vuitton things right this moment if I knew what the guy made. Is it sod? I noticed there was grass in both ads.

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3 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie and Louis Vuitton Rock Our World”

  1. John….only because I must be about as bored as you are, I will leave you with MY observations…..Louis V. makes fishing poles. You see the fishing case in Bono’s hand? Brad and Angy invited Bono and the Mrs. over for some worm drowning, and you see the looks on their faces as they step off the plane? they clearly got the coordinates wrong but don’t want to stop in their tracks, lest a hungry lion is on it’s way! Angie, on the other hand, is thinking “maybe I should have worn my shoes” as she just noticed a snapping turtle over there, and “where the heck are they? they promised to bring the bait, as I am fixing a spot of tea and crumpets for us back at the shack afterwards!”

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