What Is the Meaning of Life?


This week’s question comes from Eddie Jondo, a truck driver from Union City, NJ.  Eddie asks, “What is the meaning of life?”

Excellent question, Eddie.  The key here to truly understanding the meaning of life is to focus our attention on the word, “the”.   The use of the word “the” (rhymes with flea not duh) suggests that there is only one meaning of life when in fact there are four meanings to life.  No wait, five.  No, I was right the first time.  There are four meanings of life.

This is good news, because with four meanings, there is a much better chance that one or more of those meanings will resonate with you, providing much needed hope, clarity and sense of purpose.  If would be better if there were five, but as politicians are apt to say these days, “I misspoke” and for that I apologize, which is more than they ever do, believe me.

Either way, one is the least favorable number of meanings when you consider the odds of satisfying your desire to reconcile your existence with the great unknown, and I’m happy to have had this opportunity, by way of this vexing but insightful question, to let you know there are four.  So, go forth with the knowledge I have bestowed upon you — free of charge I might add — and share a renewed sense of optimism that life indeed does have meaning; four of them to be exact.

© 2012 The Monkey Bellhop and John Hartnett

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