Taking Care of the 99%


Today’s question comes from Ernest Sump, from Skokie Heights, IL,  Ernest asks, “If you were me, where would you have put your reading glasses?”

Ernest, normally I would not take the time to answer a question such as yours since it has very little relevance to other readers who A, may not wear reading glasses, B, may have contact lenses, C, have had LASIK surgery thus eliminating the need for reading glasses or D, already know where their reading glasses are.

The reason I am taking the time to answer your question is because lately I have been thinking a great deal about the individual, the little guy if you will, the everyday person that our society and our media outlets flat out ignore because his or her life is deemed to be just too unimportant, too dull or uninteresting to capture the attention of the movers and shakers who decide who or what’s worth caring about on a national stage such as my blog, The Monkey Bellhop,  which, by the way will soon be translated daily into sign language by that very animated woman who completely upstaged Mayor Bloomberg during Hurricane Sandy.

Your problem is easy to ignore.  A missing pair of reading glasses.  They can be purchased in volume for under $20 at any drugstore or dollar store in the country although the ones sold in dollar stores, while cheaper,  are often manufactured in China and made from whatever ingredients are readily accessible at the time of production such as straw, horse hooves or plutonium shavings.   It’s worth it on a number of levels to spend a little more for a reputable brand that doesn’t have horse hair sticking out of it or make your eyes appear to be one third the size of your entire head.

As a society, isn’t it time for all of us to care where Ernest Sump may have put his reading glasses?   Should we really care more about what happens this week on “Homeland“, “Girls” or “Duck Dynasty“? Aren’t we all, with the exception of those individuals who meet one or more of the exclusions in the first paragraph, Ernest Sump in some little way?  Perhaps it’s not a pair of reading glasses that you have misplaced.  Perhaps it’s a pair of scissors — and if so – then even some of those people who were exceptions to being like Ernest Sump in the first paragraph may now have more in common with Ernest than Ernest does assuming he has a pretty good handle on where he keeps his scissors!

If I, a potentially award winning blogger,  can take the time to acknowledge and respond to a simple request from a simple man, then why can’t all of us?

Ernest, you asked the question, “If you were me, where would you have put your reading glasses?”  Ernest, I am you and your reading glasses are on the top of your head.

© 2013 The Monkey Bellhop and John Hartnett

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