Why not to watch “The Walking Dead”


Louise, the lady who does my hair, kept telling me I should watch this program called “The Walking Dead” but I was afraid a show about zombies with all that gore and violence would give me nightmares and I finally told her I just couldn’t do it.  And that very night after telling her, I had this horrible nightmare that Louise herself was a zombie and she was trying to break into my house to kill me and tear out my innards specifically because I wouldn’t watch her TV program.  I guess it just goes to show, sometimes you never can win.

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13 thoughts on “Why not to watch “The Walking Dead””

  1. Be careful, because that does happen. It happened to my cousin’s husband’s sister-in-law’s mother’s best friend, so I know it’s a real thing. It wasn’t her hairdresser though, it was her dentist.

  2. I never trusted dentists, Diane. Plus they have the world’s worst waiting room magazine collections. Mine has six copies of the Farmer’s Almanac from 1993 and two issues of Highlight’s with all the hidden objects already circled.

  3. I have to wonder what kind of chemical products that hairdresser splattered on her skull. I’m not a big fan of puncture wounds and vampires. Seems they take up a tremendous amount of free rent in people’s heads. Well, at least if the zombies have become Congressmen, we’ve got them all rounded up in one place.

  4. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite TV shows! I never figured myself for a zombie-lover, but alas, the character-development adds the perfect compliment to all the gore.

  5. Jeri, I watched part of the first episode and didn’t get it (I thought the dialogue was pretty cheesy) but everyone keeps telling me that once you get past the first episode it’s really good. I’m going to wait and see if I end up in a leg cast or something and then I’ll try again! 🙂

  6. You really have to give The Walking Dead a chance (the show, not the congressmen). It’s actually a well acted drama that is more about the human experience more than constant gore and zombie attacks. The last episode was pretty amazing with an ending that was heartbreaking.

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