How to Grow Beautiful, Productive Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables in Any Soil

The Monkey Bellhop here with another great gardening tip you won’t find anywhere else.


When planting flowers, fruits or vegetables, plant them upside down in the dirt for two to three minutes before plucking them out of the soil and replanting them right side up.  You’ll find that the brief moment of panic they experience being buried alive really seems to encourage them to grow faster and bigger no matter what kind of soil you’ve got.

You’ll never have to pay for that expensive plant food again and should some of your flowers, fruit or vegetable plants start to look a little droopy or appear to not be keeping up with the others, simply dig up a healthy, productive plant that is in plain sight of the underperforming plant and bury it face down for several minutes with the roots sticking up in the air.  “Mr. Droopy” will be sure to get the message and should be cranking out flowers, fruits or vegetables in no time.

Happy Gardening!

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    1. Hi AnnMarie, Thanks for your comment and my goal would be to make your husband happy in his nursery business. I wish I could patent this idea but I’m afraid I would be awakened in the middle of the night by several thousand angry stalks of celery who would proceed to beat me senseless.

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