Having Our Phones Tapped by the NSA

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When I heard that our own government was listening to people’s phone calls without telling them they were doing it, I felt just sick to my stomach.  I used to eavesdrop on my parent’s telephone conversations when I was a little girl, and they never found out because I was really good at lifting up the receiver without making that “click” noise.  Just the same, I knew it wasn’t right.

And now, it turns out that our own government was doing the exact same thing.

I just wish they had been up front about the whole business and let us know right from the get go.  Because after all these years of slaving behind the checkout register at Bixby’s Dollar General and barely squeaking by, it burns my hide to think that before everything hit the fan, a gal who knew how to pick up a phone without anybody on the other end ever hearing that “click” noise would have been met with open arms down there at the NSA.

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