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Introducing Man Vs. World, Issue #1

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I’ve been working in a new humor format and wanted to introduce it to you as the latest addition to the Monkey Bellhop Collection, which I just made up this very second.  Anyway, the format is already familiar to you but more important, it’s a format that allows me to publish quickly, since finding time for my creative endeavors seems to be a bit of an issue these days.

Why is it that as you get older, time seems to pass by like that? (imagine single finger snap then imagine hearing it)  It seems like only yesterday I was writing thank you notes for all the Christmas gifts I received.  Actually, it was yesterday.  I’ve had to screen my calls since February.

My theory is that the illusion of time accelerating more rapidly as one ages is hardwired into the brain.  Essentially it’s a biological, self preservation mechanism designed to convince parents that it can’t possibly be much longer before their kids finally pack up and leave the family home so that it can be restored to the original pristine condition it was in before they destroyed it piece by piece and room by room like termites with cowlicks.

So, these are single panel jokes that I’ve placed under the banner “Man Vs. World”.   I don’t know exactly why I chose that title but it’s too late to turn back now.  Judging by the last paragraph, I probably should have called it “Man vs. His Children”.

I’m working with the editors of a Canadian based company that launched a site called The Sage; it’s a very entertaining web destination (no reservations required!) featuring satirical news, opinion pieces and real news.  This column will appear there but I will also be posting it here as well.  I’ve completed eight so far and thought I’d share them with you all in one shot to kind of get the ball rolling.

I hope you like them and would love to get some feedback.  Of course, I’d also like it if you shared them with your friends.  Or enemies.   An audience is an audience and right now I have less than 100 people visiting this blog and I know for a fact that there are at least 500 people lurking around the Internet at any given moment and for the life of me, I can’t understand how they haven’t found me yet.

If you come across any, let them know I’m here, will you?  I’m the one with the house that’s in a complete shambles.

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