Book Signing Horror Story

Doing some promotion for my book, “The Barber’s Conundrum and Other Stories“,  with Orangeberry Book Tours and they asked me to submit a “book signing horror story”.  Believe me, it wasn’t hard to do.   My post is on a blog called “M0mmy Adventures with Ravina”, which upon reflection, sounds a a lot more “intriguing” than it actually is.  Just so we’re clear, the tagline for Ravina’s blog is Family, motherhood, books, caffeine and life – seven words at a time — so get those ideas right out of your head, buddy.

Anyway, this was what I wrote and while it is a horror story, there are no ghosts, zombies, vampires, cold blooded murders, or passages dripping with psychological menace contained herein, and for those of you with food allergies, no mention of peanuts…


Booksigning Horror Story by John Hartnett

In case you’re wondering, like I would be since I really don’t know how to do this reblogging thing, just click on that link.  It’s right above this sentence and directly beneath the lady with a book on her head.  Should take you right there.  If you get to a post with a photograph of author, Alison Morton, you’ve gone too far.  Scroll up or consult Siri or your GPS.  Or just call me and I can read it to you over the phone.  My God, when did life get so complicated?  My story’s not even that good…

I probably should have erased that.

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