Author Interview with KY Bunnies

How Many Self Indulgent Posts Does It Take to Screw Up a Relationship?

author event, author interview, dorothea lange, barber's conundrumDon’t leave me over this post.  I wouldn’t even bring this to your attention except that it’s played mostly for laughs.  I did a short interview with the blog,  KY Bunnies, a site that focuses on authors, their books and ah, photographs of rabbits.  I don’t really get the rabbit connection but when you are a self published author and trying to get your book out there, you’ll work with anyone, even a rabbit if it has a decent Rolodex.

bugs bunny,

Anyway, here the link to the interview.  I owe you one.

The Self Indulgent Author Interview Link

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5 thoughts on “Author Interview with KY Bunnies”

  1. Thanks, Juliette. On a completely separate note, your site link disappeared from my “Blogs I Think Are Great” list and I have tried to fix this several times today and nothing works. I even added another blog to the list and it’s up… Very strange. Not a vampire related thing, is it?

  2. Hi John, I have bunnies as house pets. That is how they come in to play. They are amazing little creatures. They are one of the reasons I started reading digital. They usually eat all my print books. 🙂

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