American Innovation and the Takeout Coffee Cup

monkey bellhop, john hartnett, entertainment, entertainment humor, satire, family, rural life, comedy, advice, homespun, farm girlI was thinking this morning about just how far we’ve come with the coffee cup because sometimes people tend to forget that we are a can do people here in the United States.  I mean the takeout kind, by the way.  Not the one you use at home or in restaurants where you can grasp a handle and extend your pinky when you take a tiny slurp if you want to pretend you’re in “Downton Abbey” or impersonating Queen Elizabeth, although I always heard her cup is filled with gin mostly and maybe a little coffee to hide the smell, especially if it’s in the morning around breakfast time.   Anyway, a takeout cup of coffee used to be just a cup and a lid remember?

Well now there are four parts to a takeout coffee cup and that’s not even including the coffee and all the other garbage besides milk and sugar you can add to it!

We have the cup to hold the liquid.


The top to keep the liquid in the container from spilling all over your chest when you take a sip.


The cardboard “Caution: Hot Beverage” sleeve that protects your hand from getting hot should you forget that the hot coffee you purchased is hot.

coffee cup sleeve


And the coffee lid sip hole plug stopper that fits into the sip hole on the coffee cup top so that no heat can escape freely unless you authorize it by removing the coffee lid sip hole plug stopper yourself.

CoffeelidstopplugThere are some people who think innovation and America’s can do spirit is dead and to those who do, I say, “No.  I don’t think that at all when I consider the evolution of the takeout coffee container.”

 ©2014 The Monkey Bellhop and John Hartnett

6 thoughts on “American Innovation and the Takeout Coffee Cup”

  1. Wow. I never realised how much design effort went into coffee cups.

    I remember when takeaway coffee came in a styrofoam beaker that burnt your fingers and was guaranteed to spill everywhere unless you shuffled along.

    Isn’t the 21st Century great?

    1. Hey Big D, I missed your comment. I think you can still get the styrofoam ones you’re talking about but they cost $.50 more. You have to pay a little extra for nostalgia.

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