Will God Ever Return to Earth?

monkey bellhop, john hartnett, entertainment, entertainment humor, satire, family, rural life, comedy, advice, homespun, farm girlI don’t think God will ever return to Earth.  First of all, the universe is continuing to expand so He’s got to very busy with that, but even more important, I can’t imagine anyone who still had all their marbles voluntarily deciding to move back in with their kids.

©2014 The Monkey Bellhop and John Hartnett

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5 responses

  1. LOL! I wonder when He’s looking down if he’s thinking……”Where did I go wrong???”

    1. Selena, I believe He’s thinking, “So glad I was able to get out of the old neighborhood.”

      1. LOL! So true.

        Right now, His Son is saying, “Dad, for-My-Name-sakes, you really messed up Day 6, didn’t you?”

  2. He probably looks at us and says -nope, nope, noppity nope, no way!

    1. Or just, “Have we met?”

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